Maggie Knox
I’m Maggie Knox, a current editor-in-chief of the Dart, and I live by the Latin quote “alis volat propriis,” meaning “she flies with her own wings.” However, I do not have wings--I am a human. Therefore, I apply this mentality to my humanoid occurrences, like when I stick my arm out of any of my friends’ passenger side windows as they cruise a risky 4 mph over the speed limit.
When I’m not studying whatever’s in my 30-pound backpack every day, I enjoy spending my time collecting bargain SD cards and worshipping whoever created Bebas Neue. Some of my other daily activities include not brushing my hair, writing motivational speeches I'll never give, putting Post-It notes everywhere there isn’t one and omitting the oxford comma.
As a senior, I hope to curb my Panda Express dependence while still keeping sane. I also hope to discontinue my constant internal questioning regarding the capitalist monopoly of such corporations. Through similar debates, I one day want to use my influence to combat the Dumb Beliefs of the World, i.e., racism, sexism, classism, etc. But for now, of course, with the help of my tried and true fellow editors, I will lead my team (aka the Dart staff) to journalistic victory.

Maggie Knox, Editor-in-Chief

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