Lin and her daughter Nov 8. Her daughter is in second grade.

Lin Chiun Pei

by Megan Turley, Facebook Editor
December 8, 2021
Anderson sits on a stool, posing under a blue light Dec. 19. Anderson and her cousin Evie Kay had a professional photoshoot together. photo courtesy of Evie Kay

Star Spotlight: Remembering Liesel Anderson

by Tierney Flavin, Snapchat and Twitter Editor
September 24, 2021
Sophomore Zoë Hoss with a horse she rides named Houdini March 31. Zoë has been horse showing since she was 10 years old. photo by Caroline Hinkebein

Star Spotlight: Zoё Hoss

by Caroline Hinkebein, Sports Editor
April 20, 2021
 Junior Macy Richardson leans against the walls of the Hobbs Building in the West Bottoms Feb. 24. Richardson hopes to pursue a future in the modeling industry. photo by Becca Speier

Star Spotlight: Macy Richardson

by Rebecca Speier, Photo Editor
March 24, 2021
Senior Ally Fox poses as a pirate for a Cosplay video. Foxs most famous video has over seven million views. photo by Katie Massman

Ally Fox and Marin Smith

by Katie Massman, Dart Sports editor
February 9, 2021
Sophomore and Black Student Coalition Vice President Riyan Jones, left, with senior and BSC president Bailey Bright Sept. 29. Both Bailey and Riyan planned and lead BSC’s March on Windmoor at St. Teresa’s. photo by Josie Fox 

Star Spotlight: Bailey Bright and Riyan Jones

by Josie Fox, Co-Opinion Editor
October 26, 2020
Junior Mia McManamy sings with a group of high school students at Interlochen Center for the Arts this past summer. McManamy looks forward to being surrounded by many talented people next year. photo courtesy of Mia McManamy

Star Spotlight: Mia McManamy

by Katie Massman, Twitter Editor
March 26, 2020
Senior Emma Marsh smiles during her skating practice Nov. 19. Marsh practices with friends and team members five days a week after school. photo by Claudia Benge

Star Spotlight: Emma Marsh

by Becca Speier, Photo Editor and Writer
December 19, 2019
Junior Sam Amey hits a resting position Nov. 1. Amey works with her choreographers to experiment with unconventional movement, creating a unique routine. photo by Amy Schaffer

Star Spotlight: Sam Amey

by Anna Ronan, Design Editor
November 22, 2019
Junior Ellie Hatley coos at her dog, Clyde, while waiting for her turn in showing practice, Oct 1. Banksy is a Nova Scotia Duck Toy Retriever, which is known to be a hyper-active breed. photo by Claire Smith

Star Spotlight: Ellie Hatley

by Iris Roddy, Writer
October 15, 2019
 St. Teresa’s Academy President Siabhan May-Washington talks about her excitement for her first year at STA Aug. 26. Washington mentions how she is making an effort to get to know students so she can better prepare them for college. photo by Becca Speier

Star Spotlight: Dr. Siabahn May-Washington

by Sophia Durone, Features Editor
September 12, 2019
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