Kat Mediavilla

Kat Mediavilla, Web Editor of Photography

Hiya, it’s Kat Mediavilla here!

I’ll just start off by doing everyone a favor: my name is pronounced mĕd-ē-uh-vee-uh.  I am a photojournalist on the amazing Dart publication staff, and I am currently serving as Web Editor of Photography. When I’m not out and about taking pics, I can be found playing lacrosse, eating candy from the development office or binge watching The Office (#Pam&Jim4ever). Some of my passions include indulging myself in scrumdiddlyumptious McDonald’s cones (#CONEOCLOCK), jamming out to some old school Jesse McCartney or quoting the cinematic masterpiece of Napoleon Dynamite. Over the course of my years at STA, I have been very blessed and fortunate to work closely with some of the most promising and talented writers, photographers, graphic designers and editors of this publication, and I have loved every minute of my journey on the Dart staff.

In the words of Nacho Libre, "My life is good. Real good."

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