Holiday Lights Gallery

Sophomores, from left, Teresa Elfrink, Stella Hughes and Lucy Doerflinger pause as a car passes in front of a brightly lit house Dec. 13. The street alongside these light displays was packed with cars eager to spend a night of light-watching. photo by Mara Callahan
by Mara Callahan, Lifestyles Editor December 24, 2020

Swim Team Gallery

Senior Lauren Kasyjanski pulls herself through the water in the 100 yard butterfly at the Red Bridge YMCA Dec. Kansyjanski swam for STA her freshman and sophomore year, and came back to finish out her senior year with the team. photo by Sydney Allen
by Sydney Allen, Photo Editor December 21, 2020

Advisory Halloween Parties

Junior Sophia Beshoner wears a vending machine costume Oct. 30. Beshoner created the costume out of household items, with the help of her mom. photo by Katie Massman
by Katie Massman, Dart Sports editor November 2, 2020

Fall Fashion Gallery

Senior Izzy Bryars wearing a pair of her Doc Martens Sept. 30. Bryars said she likes the shoes because they remind her of old school girl shoes and loves to wear them with curly white socks. photo by Josie Fox
by Josie Fox, Opinion Editor November 2, 2020

Fall Photo Gallery

A Sweetgum Tree in Brookside has changed it's leaves from green to red Sept. 27. After the leaves change colors they will drop off the tree. photo by Lucy Doerflinger
by Lucy Doerflinger October 29, 2020

Welcome to Urban Mining

Renowned Kansas City vintage store, Urban Mining, had their monthly sales event Sept. 3.  The store is only open the first weekend of each month.
by Rachel Robinson, Editor-in-Chief September 18, 2020

Gallery: Black Lives Matter Art

 Volunteers continue to work on the street painting at 63rd Street and Troost Sept. 5. Six murals were installed throughout Kansas City over the weekend. photo by Carmon Baker
by Carmon Baker, Web Editor September 14, 2020

March on Windmoor

Over 140 students gathered to march around the quad for eight minutes and 45 seconds, signifying the amount of time George Floyd was suffocated by a police officer until his death Sept. 3. The Black Student Coalition put together this march. photo by Claire Smith
by Claire Smith, Editor-in-Chief September 4, 2020

Prospero’s Books

Prospero's Books
by Sydney Waldron, Snapchat and Facebook Editor July 15, 2020

Looking Back: Senior Year in Photos

STA students cheer in the bleachers at the Rockhurst High School vs. STA volleyball game held at Rockhurst Feb. 24. The theme for the student section was denim. photo courtesy of Liv DeSantis
by Carmon Baker, Web Editor May 10, 2020

Photo Story: KC Goes Red

The Kansas City Pioneer Square Movement statue in Westport is dressed with the three
by Lily Sage, Writer February 7, 2020
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