Libby Hutchinson

Libby Hutchinson, Staff Photographer

I’m Libby Hutchinson, I am a staff photographer for the Dart and DartNewsOnline, and I am a swimmer, so if I am not at home or school, you can bet I am at the pool. I swim on Kansas City Swim Academy, as well as the STA swim team. Last year I was fortunate enough to swim at the state swim meet. My favorite STA memory was at state last year when we didn’t have any swimmers in day two of the meet, so we had a dance competition in the hotel instead. My favorite movie is Frozen, with Tangled being a close second. My favorite candy is Reese’s; one time I ate a one pound Reese’s. I took Digital Photography last year and I liked it, so I thought that doing the Dart would be fun. I am a junior this year, I am excited to see what I can do on the Dart and DartNewsOnline.

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