I love Lovelife

I love Lovelife

by Maggie Knox, Page Designer

by Maggie Knox

Chances are, you’ve never heard of them.


But iTunes noted one of their songs as a “Single of The Week” earlier this year.


And they’ve been able to play sold-out shows thanks to bigger-name alternative bands.


They’ve even opened for popular bands Capital Cities and The Neighbourhood.


One way or another, the British alternative synth-pop band Lovelife is getting their name out in America.


Eager for their tour with alt-J this fall, singer Lee Newell, along with keyboardist Ally Young, drummer Frank Colucci and guitarist Sam Jackson, have been producing music together for years.


They released their most recent single, “Nova,” on iTunes in July. So far, it has gathered tens of thousands of plays on websites like Spotify and Soundcloud. The video for their biggest song, “Your New Beloved,” has collected well over 150,000 views.


And the view count just keeps rising.


The first time I ever heard of Lovelife was when I was about ten minutes away from the Granada Theater in Lawrence, KS. I was on my way to see The Neighbourhood, my favorite band, but I got more than what I bargained for.


I unknowingly got to see two of my favorite artists live.


In the front row, pressed against the base of the stage, I discovered Lovelife.


As the second opener of the night, Lovelife blew me away with their set, laced with lyrical beauty, crowd-moving beats and utter awesomeness.


Seriously, I can’t even explain it.


I was in a trance just a verse in to their first song, “Midnight Swimming.” I. Couldn’t. Stop. DANCING. And I wasn’t the only one. The sold-out crowd of hundreds was feeling it.


Songs like “Invisible” and “Exhaler” captured emotions from deep within the crowd, while “Dying to Start Again” ended the setlist with a bang.


After the show, Young gave my best friend a band t-shirt of his and tweeted at her. The band recently tweeted me after I expressed my excitement about their return to Kansas City this fall. If you can see them, do it. They’ll become one of your favorite bands, too.


Lovelife’s next Kansas City concert date is Oct. 29 with alt-J at 96.5 The Buzz’s Halloweenie Roast Night 2. The show is sold out.