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Mary Hilliard, Editor-in-Chief

Greetings, loved ones, let’s take a journey...

I’m Mary Hilliard, editor in chief of the Dart along with my homies Maggie Knox and Torie Richardson. My greatest accomplishments include the ability to sing the alphabet backwards and never crying in a movie (although Camp Rock brought me awfully close). When I’m not slaving over the hours of homework that comes along with senior year (shoutout to Mrs. Weller), my pastimes include researching Anastasia conspiracy theories, making Academy Award prediction brackets, stressing out and drinking green tea. I have been a lifelong Kansas City Royals fan, and my first heartbreak was the trade of pitcher Zack Greinke to the Milwaukee Brewers. If you ever want to start a conversation with me, one of the following topics should suffice: the brilliance of 1960s cinema, the theory of productive procrastination, Drops of Jupiter, or my dog, Rudy. Or just make a killer pun and we will be best friends. Ten years from now, I will hopefully be president of the Universal Julie Andrews Appreciation Association and have visited every country (or come close). And maybe have a pet elephant or two.

I am so excited for everything the Dart has in store this year, so keep checking DartNewsOnline and grab a copy of the print edition.


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