Beautiful Lengths ceremony held to collect hair donations

The Beautiful Lengths ceremony took place at Loose Park Jan. 5, and several students cut and donated eight inches of their hair to the charity.


The ten STA students who cut their hair pose for Matt Kline, a Fox 4 news cameraman, at the Beautiful Lengths ceremony Jan. 5 at Loose Park. Kline worked with evening anchor Abby Eden to report on the event. photo by Maggie Knox

by Victoria Cahoon, Maggie Knox, and Maddy Medina

story by Victoria Cahoon

STA students lined up in the cold Jan. 5 at Loose Park after school at the Beautiful Lengths ceremony to cut their hair. In a matter of seconds, their friends cut eight or more inches of their hair off to donate to the Pantene Beautiful Lengths campaign. The organization collects hair to make wigs for those who have lost their own due to a medical illness

Senior Machella Dunlea organized the ceremony both this year and two years ago, when students were notified of former principal of student affairs Mary Anne Hoecker’s diagnosis with breast cancer. Reporter Abby Eden and videographer Matt Kline from Fox 4 News came to the ceremony and interviewed many students who were getting their hair cut.

The students who volunteered to cut their hair were filled with emotions.

“I really love my new short hair, and hopefully someone will enjoy what I cut off, too,” sophomore Catelyn Campbell said of her new short haircut. Campbell was one of ten girls who donated her hair for the cause.

photos by Maggie Knox and Maddy Medina

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