Mask up: our lives are worth more than political views

Mask up: our lives are worth more than political views

by Carmon Baker, Web Editor

September 28, 2020

Scientific fact should take precedence over our personal political views.

The True Power of “Avatar”’s Elements

The True Power of “Avatar”’s Elements

by Claire Smith, Editor-in-Chief

September 26, 2020

"Water. Earth. Fire. Air. Long ago, the four nations lived together in harmony. Then, everything changed when the Fire Nation attacked”.

My unsuccessful Tik tok quarantine

Tik Tok’s whipped coffee became known among most teens during quarantine, this picture was taken May 16. With large amounts of free time, most teens tried to make the popular recipe that circulated the app. photo courtesy of Tribune News Service

by Ellie Buttell, Writer

September 23, 2020

After being stuck in the house for five months, I’ve learned a thing or two about how to stay active or find ways in my life to stay busy. For starters, I learned how to limit my screen time on Tik Tok in order to spend less time on my phone. However, even with my limit on Tik Tok, I made time to try some of the most popular trends that went around during quarantine and this summer.

The Killers Comeback? Imploding the Mirage album review

The Killers Comeback? Imploding the  Mirage album review

September 22, 2020

  As someone who has worshiped the Killers album Hot Fuss, and have danced to their songs, “Mr. Brightside”, “The Man”, and “Somebody Told Me” alone in my room an unhealthy amount of times I was thrilled for their new album Imploding Mirage. However, iconic frontman Brandon Fl...

My Everlasting Ode to Patriot Act

Host, Hasan Minhaj, of the Netflix political comedy series

by Josie Fox, Co-Opinion Editor

September 22, 2020

"Patriot Act" is the best birthday present I have ever received.

Making the most out of a pandemic

Making the most out of a pandemic

by Lauren Brackney, Twitter Editor

September 17, 2020

Quarantine has helped me put into perspective what is really important to me in my life.

Good Things Must End for Greater Things to Begin

Good Things Must End for Greater Things to Begin

by Katie Massman, Dart Sports editor

September 16, 2020

Life changes every day, and we shouldn’t constantly be trying to stay the same and do things as we used to in an attempt to recreate experiences.

“Hamilton” does justice to the founding father’s complicated legacy, does not glorify enslaved peoples owners

by Sophia Rall, Features Editor

September 16, 2020

As the date inched closer to July 3, 2020, I became more and more excited for “Hamilton” to be released on Disney+. I had seen it the previous summer and was anxiously anticipating being able to watch it again, and again, and again.  However, I began to see the media buzz about “Hamilton.”...

To Love or To Gatekeep, That Is The Question

Wallows band members, from bottom left — Dylan Minette, Cole Preston, Braeden Lemasters — posing during a Warner/Atlantic photoshoot May 24, 2018. Wallows was established in 2017 and they recently announced the coming release of their “Remote” album Oct. 23.  photo courtesy of Warner Bros Music

by Josie Fox, Opinion Editor

September 16, 2020

Does "gatekeeping" your favorite band or artist prove an elevated level of loyalty?

The Enormity of A Little Life

photo by Grace Ashley

by Grace Ashley, Multimedia Editor

August 30, 2020

It has been years since I cried this hard because of a book, and, I have to say, I don’t recommend it.

Speaking out on body image security

Speaking out on body image security

by Lauren Brackney, Writer

July 15, 2020

I do believe that we need more body positivity whether it is shown through being proud of your own body or being supportive of someone else’s. It is hard to not be jealous of another person’s confidence especially when you feel insecure about your own body.

Dear Thomas,

Dear Thomas,

by Lily Hart, Editor-in-Chief

May 11, 2020

The end of senior year is certainly a time for some reflection. Here are some parting words for my brother, Thomas.