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Weather Around the World

Weather Around the World

by Chloe Denk, Design Editor September 29, 2023
 Unprecedented wildfires, catastrophic earthquakes, extreme flooding, unforgiving droughts, intense heat, destructive tropical storms. Over the summer, the world was inundated with headlines of extreme climate events, all spelling out one message: the effects of the climate crisis are here. 
Ready for take-off?

Ready for take-off?

by Ellie Buttell, Opinions Editor March 22, 2023
It represents Kansas City by including staples like fountains and barbecue restaurants. The title “City of Fountains” does not stop at the airport doors.
German Chancellor Olaf Scholz inspects tanks at a training center in Osterholz, Germany. 
photo by David Hecker; photo courtesy Getty Images.

News updates around the world

by Tierney Flavin, Features Editor February 14, 2023
Pope Benedict XVI stepped down from his papacy in 2013, citing old age as the main factor. He became the first Pope to step down in nearly 600 years.
Opening New Doors with Interim Week

Opening New Doors with Interim Week

by Katelyn Buckley, Staff Member December 9, 2022
“I want students to be open to new experiences and try something outside of their comfort zone,” Finn said. “All of our classes are designed to get students moving, thinking and creating in new ways.” 
How Does Gun Violence Affect The STA Community?

How Does Gun Violence Affect The STA Community?

by Caroline Hinkebein, Features Editor October 24, 2022
“Next is just trying to take it [gun violence] more seriously, because it can happen; you never know,” Foster said.
STA Goes Global

STA Goes Global

by Caroline Hinkebein, Features Editor October 10, 2022
“The most exciting thing is that everything you do here is exciting, because it's a different continent and it's a whole different thing,” Stinner said.

How to help Ukraine

by Sophia Rall, Editor-in-Chief April 11, 2022

Volunteer Map of volunteer opportunities The map provides volunteer opportunities to support refugees throughout the United States. In Kansas City, there are three major organizations coordinating...

Parental Rights in Education Bill sparks nationwide debate.

by Lauren Brackney, Design Editor April 11, 2022
“As an educator, I'm interested in ensuring all voices are heard and empowered and that may even mean voices we disagree with," Daily said. "We have a responsibility as educators to help facilitate respectful conversations for growth and learning and not pushing a particular agenda.”
Juniors Clara Truebner and Abby Kelley tie ribbons around each other’s wrists. During advisory time, STA Campus Ministry held a Thanksgiving prayer service.

Advisory Thanksgiving Parties

by Lily Sage, Opinion Editor December 1, 2021


Brown, Rodriguez, Symmonds, junior Keeley Spencer, Cherra, and freshman Tiernan Hans wrap in a group hug. Hans plays the mean girl Savannah on Thursday, Nov. 4 and Saturday, Nov. 6.

“Freaky Friday” Gallery

by Miriam Parsa, Social Media Editor November 9, 2021
Look through the students hard work on the first traditional musical STA has been able to do in over a year.
Seniors Janie Eckles and Sophia Beshoner walk through the halls with juniors Bella Stockwood and Emma Hiss. The group looks at all of the decorated doors.

Halloween at STA

by Kyra Fieger, Life Styles Editor November 1, 2021
Celebrating Halloween at St. Teresa's Academy.

Standardized Stress

by Tierney Flavin, Snapchat and Twitter Editor October 27, 2021
“So many people have so many other talents that you can’t show in a test that only has one possible answer to each question.”
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