Not Long Ago. Not Far Away

Not Long Ago. Not Far Away

by Ellie Buttell, Writer April 27, 2021
In June 2021, Union Station will host “Auschwitz. Not long ago. Not far away.” The exhibit features 700 original objects and 400 photographs from over 20 museums around the world.
Sophomore Zoë Hoss with a horse she rides named Houdini March 31. Zoë has been horse showing since she was 10 years old. photo by Caroline Hinkebein

Star Spotlight: Zoё Hoss

by Caroline Hinkebein, Sports Editor April 20, 2021
The relationship I have with horses is a special one. It’s very rewarding and it’s indescribable. I can’t even explain it to you; it’s just something you have to feel and experience for yourself. 
A pile of homework materials sit around the words “burnt out” April 1. Student burnout is becoming a trend on social media platforms such as TikTok and Instagram. photo illustration by Sydney Allen

The burnout burden

by Carmon Baker, Web Editor April 20, 2021
COVID-19 has made STA students more vulnerable to burnout.
Senior Lia Uhlenhuth,a member of Asian-Affinity, in the quad April 5. She has been politically active all over social media since the Atlanta shooting. photo by Kyra Fieger

The fight to end anti-Asian Hate

by Josie Fox, Opinion Editor April 19, 2021
“It's really good that this is coming to the public eye right now because of what happened, but people don't realize that this has been going on for a lot longer."
Transitioning the Athletic World: Transgender Athletes in Women’s Sports

Transitioning the Athletic World: Transgender Athletes in Women’s Sports

by Claire Smith, Editor-in-Chief April 16, 2021
On March 18, the Kansas senate voted 24-10 to pass a bill banning transgender athletes in women’s school sports.
Photo illustration of (left to right) Ava Martinez, Jude Patenaude, Ange Dickson and Will Dodderidge. photo illustration by Claire Smith

Identity Evolving: Sharing the Genderqueer Experience

by Claire Smith, Sophia Rall, and Carmon Baker April 15, 2021
There are members of the STA community who do not identify with being female, in which concerns have arisen from these genderqueer and transgender students to administration about their place in the STA mission. These concerns have pushed conversations that have led to policy changes to create a more gender-inclusive environment while abiding by the institution’s core values.
Faith or Fortune? Astrology will decide

Faith or Fortune? Astrology will decide

by Kyra Fieger, Social Media Team March 24, 2021
According to a poll on @DartsNewsOnline Instagram account, over 70% check their horoscopes daily, whether it be out of interest or as a learning aspect. According to the poll, most of the students have taken up at least one new hobby or interest as the year advances, one of the most popular ones being astrology.
Senior Liv Collet and music teacher Steve Perry go over the sheet music at the front of the auditorium in the Music and Arts building Feb. 24. Together, they had worked on the parts of the song that Collet had questions on. photo by Ali Madden

Choir gets creative

by Rachel Robinson, Editor-in-Chief March 24, 2021
Last spring, in the beginning of the pandemic, choir members were not allowed to perform together at all and instead opted to record individual vocals and layer them to create a virtual performance.
 Junior Macy Richardson leans against the walls of the Hobbs Building in the West Bottoms Feb. 24. Richardson hopes to pursue a future in the modeling industry. photo by Becca Speier

Star Spotlight: Macy Richardson

by Rebecca Speier, Photo Editor March 24, 2021
Junior Macy Richardson discusses her involvement in modeling and her hope to continue with it in the future.
Risking safety for spring break '21

Risking safety for spring break ’21

by Sydney Allen, Photo Editor March 13, 2021
Now, with over 29 million cases in the U.S. and 117 million in the world, according to the John Hopkins University live map as of March 8, spring break travelling is risky.
One Year in COVID-19: The Growth of STA

One Year in COVID-19: The Growth of STA

by Claire Smith, Editor-in-Chief March 11, 2021
Friday, March 13, 2020, was the last day that students would step foot on campus for the rest of the semester.
Writing a Legacy of Diversity

Writing a Legacy of Diversity

by Lauren Brackney and Josie Fox March 11, 2021
“You never know what seed would be planted and what enrichment graduates from St. Teresa's will continue to bring not only to the community, but maybe even to the country into the world.”
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