Faith or Fortune? Astrology will decide

Faith or Fortune? Astrology will decide

by Kyra Fieger, Social Media Team March 24, 2021
A introductory guide through astrology and the bodies chakras.
Senior Liv Collet and music teacher Steve Perry go over the sheet music at the front of the auditorium in the Music and Arts building Feb. 24. Together, they had worked on the parts of the song that Collet had questions on. photo by Ali Madden

Choir gets creative

by Rachel Robinson, Editor-in-Chief March 24, 2021
Last spring, in the beginning of the pandemic, choir members were not allowed to perform together at all and instead opted to record individual vocals and layer them to create a virtual performance.
 Junior Macy Richardson leans against the walls of the Hobbs Building in the West Bottoms Feb. 24. Richardson hopes to pursue a future in the modeling industry. photo by Becca Speier

Star Spotlight: Macy Richardson

by Rebecca Speier, Photo Editor March 24, 2021
Junior Macy Richardson discusses her involvement in modeling and her hope to continue with it in the future.
Risking safety for spring break '21

Risking safety for spring break ’21

by Sydney Allen, Photo Editor March 13, 2021
Now, with over 29 million cases in the U.S. and 117 million in the world, according to the John Hopkins University live map as of March 8, spring break travelling is risky.
One Year in COVID-19: The Growth of STA

One Year in COVID-19: The Growth of STA

by Claire Smith, Editor-in-Chief March 11, 2021
Friday, March 13, 2020, was the last day that students would step foot on campus for the rest of the semester.
Writing a Legacy of Diversity

Writing a Legacy of Diversity

by Lauren Brackney and Josie Fox March 11, 2021
“You never know what seed would be planted and what enrichment graduates from St. Teresa's will continue to bring not only to the community, but maybe even to the country into the world.”
Sophomore Stella Hughes fills out the daily health check-in form Jan. 28. All students must fill out the form each morning for attendance declaring if they will be on campus, absent or learning virtually. photo by Lucy Doerflinger

Schooling Conundrum

by Caroline Hinkebein, Sports Editor February 28, 2021
“When the whole school is in person it is a little scary just like walking through the halls and stuff,” Senior Tess Jones said.
Brookside Toy and Science's website showcases it's various types of products Feb. 1. The website allows for navigation between online checkout and product descriptions. photo by Mara Callahan

Shopping small, shopping online

by Sophia Rall, Features Editor February 17, 2021
“I think online shopping is terrible,” Brookside Toy and Science Owner Holly Pollard said. “But, it’s still necessary.”
Union Station, located in downtown Kansas City, displays their love for the Chiefs on the outside of the building Jan. 29. A banner in the middle reads

The Face of the NFL

by Claire Smith and Rachel Robinson February 11, 2021
Now that the Chiefs have established themselves as a winning team — and Mahomes as a winning Q.B. — there is an overflowing confidence in their ability for success.
Domestic Violence Spike in Kansas CIty

Domestic Violence Spike in Kansas CIty

by Sydney Waldron, Design Editor February 10, 2021
“Abuse is about power and control,” Whitcomb said. “People seek power and control in many different ways and unfortunately abuse can be an unhealthy way of doing so.”
Senior Ally Fox poses as a pirate for a Cosplay video. Fox's most famous video has over seven million views. photo by Katie Massman

Ally Fox and Marin Smith

by Katie Massman, Dart Sports editor February 9, 2021
It's a way I can express myself and I have a platform where people like what I do, so it really helps me in my self esteem.
Serving Stability

Serving Stability

by Lauren Brackney, Twitter Editor January 25, 2021
“I think people want to [volunteer] and help in these extraordinary times and so far, we've actually seen an increase in donations, especially monetary donations and that says something about our community of people wanting to help,” Langner said.
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