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Around the World

Around the World

by Sarah Schwaller, Opinion Editor September 29, 2023

     In the past year, St. Teresa’s Academy president Dr. Siabhan May-Washington has embarked on trips to five different countries and has visited a multitude of cities within them. Throughout her...

Mike Foster stands outside on campus ready to help students with any security need Sept. 9

Star Spotlight: Mr. Foster

by Olivia Cooper, Web and Lifestyles Editor September 29, 2023
This star spotlight features Mr. Foster, who works in security on campus. In his interview he discusses his life before coming to STA and what he has experienced since he’s been here.
A statue of St. Francis stands outside of the church of the Benedictines of Mary Sept. 2.

A Miracle in Missouri

by Annie McShane, Editor-in-Chief September 29, 2023
Sister Mary Wilhelmina Lancaster died on May 29, 2019. On April 28, 2023, she was exhumed and her body was found incorrupt and had not decomposed at all.
STA seniors pose at the end of the annual Senior Fashion Show.

Barbie, Beyonce and Beyond

by Tierney Flavin, Katelyn Buckley, and Wynnie Sprague September 29, 2023
“We are surrounded by girls every single day and you never see a man doing something better than a woman because women are doing it all here,” sophomore Ava Haskins said. “It helps me feel like I can do anything.”
Freshmen Evelyn Batz and Dory Hodes pose on Hodess electric moped. She rides this moped to school almost everyday. photo by Lina Kilgore

A Carbonless Commute

by Anna Massman, Features Editor September 29, 2023

     As STA students returned to campus this fall, the chaos of the new school year paled in comparison to the crowded, crazy conditions that constitute the St. Teresa’s parking lot. Freshmen drop-offs,...

Walsh smiles for the camera in her full costume at
Oireachtas Nov. 26. photo courtesy of Tatum Walsh

Star Spotlight: Tatum Walsh

by Charlotte Malone, Editor In Chief March 21, 2023
Irish dancing allows me to stay fit and exercise, but it also allows me to express my feelings through dancing.
Senior Sophie Cuda, left, dances with seniors Allie McDill and Meg Duffy at prom April 7. McDill was wearing a mask because the theme for prom was masquerade. photo by Anna Louise Sih

Prom Throughout the Decades

by Lina Kilgore, News and Sports Editor March 21, 2023
In the years from 1946 to 2023, many things in the world have changed, but Prom at STA has been a constant throughout the decades.
True to Tradition

True to Tradition

by Isabel Glover, Caroline Hinkebein, and Dianne Haake March 21, 2023
“[At] STA as a school, the sisterhood is very strong, and it does last past your high school years and I don't think that is the way for kids at other schools,” Reintjes said. “Once kids go out of high school, they're like, ‘I don't want anything to do with high school,’ which is understandable. But at STA there's something there that makes kids want to do something with it. They want to come to the reunions and be involved.”
Junior Lydia Solis uses her computer to work on homework.

Too Much Tech?

by Olivia Cooper, Staff Writer March 20, 2023
Technology’s ever changing presence in our everyday lives brings up many questions about its benefits, and subsequently how it can be effectively used in a classroom.
Order in the Youth Court

Order in the Youth Court

by Tierney Flavin, Features Editor March 9, 2023
“I have learned that not everyone has had a fair chance. Some of the kids go through a lot of situations that a lot of us wouldn't even like imagining going through.”
Crush Culture

Crush Culture

by Mara Callahan, Kyra Fieger, and Maya Tule February 17, 2023

      Walking through her boyfriend's apartment in Lawrence, Kansas, 2017 alumna Marin Brown stops short to pick up a picture frame—a throwback from her senior prom. Brown and her current boyfriend...

Allison Buckley, For Now

by Ellie McManamy, Social Media Team February 14, 2023

    How did you initially become involved in theater? “Last year for Freaky Friday my friends were all signing up for crew, and then I decided to as well, and I got put on running...

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