Madi Winfield
I’m Madi Winfield, the Managing Editor of Web for DartNewsOnline and the unofficial campus Spreadsheet Queen. I’m a senior and a third-year staffer, specializing in news and opinion writing and feature photography. I've been in leadership roles with DartNewsOnline since I joined the newspaper staff sophomore year; it's been an incredibly rewarding experience to help schedule, design, manage, build and rebuild DNO into a relevant, timely and award-winning news website. My hobbies include watching and performing in musical theatre, quoting Gilmore Girls and convincing myself that Panera mac & cheese in a bread bowl is somehow a good life choice. When I’m not in the publication room or at dance class, you will most likely find me bullet journaling, listening to The Last Five Years or working on calculus. As cheesy as this may be, joining the Dart was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I adore every aspect of journalism, even the ones I sometimes have to slog through (transcribing). Through this news program, I have found my passion, my home, my best friends and my future career. The Dart has been in publication for 76 years, and to even be a branch on its family tree - to help move the publication and the issues we cover into the hearts, minds and netbooks of our students - is an unbelievable opportunity.

Madi Winfield, Managing Editor of Web

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