Uniform changes implemented for 2016-17 school year

With the new school year comes three new uniform policy changes.


The tartan plaid skirt, a key facet of the STA uniform. photo by Madi Winfield

by Madi Winfield, Managing Editor of Web

The STA administration enacted three changes to the uniform policy at the start of the 2016-17 school year. These policies were introduced to the staff at a teachers’ meeting before the year began, while the students learned of these changes at their grade’s respective orientation.

The first and, in the eyes of Principal of Student Affairs Liz Baker, most influential policy regards STA-branded sweatshirts worn as outerwear.

“STA three-quarter zips/sweatshirts (sic) worn as coats/jackets must be removed in the classroom,” the updated handbook states.

Handbooks from previous years only included a statement about coats and jackets in general and did not allow for STA wear to be worn as coats.

“It’s what you have in your car and it’s a chilly day,” Baker said. “We wanted you to be comfortable in the quad because it’s an open-air atmosphere… but in a classroom setting, it’s the teacher’s discretion.”

According to Baker, this change in particular was brought about by students and teachers alike.

“I had several students last year come and talk to me about the outerwear policy,” Baker said. “And teacher voices, especially sharing their concern about kids who were coming in without proper attire. On the administrative side, [we determined] what would be acceptable… what was going to keep student learning as our focus.”

A second policy addressed the presence of yoga pants and the like on campus.

“Flexible, form-fitting pants such as yoga pants, leggings or jeans may be worn with an untucked shirt/blouse which reaches a student’s fingertips when arms are rested at the side,” the handbook states.

The previous handbook did not include a statement about form-fitting pants.

“I would have teachers asking, ‘Is that appropriate for campus?’” Baker said. “I would have parents asking [as well]… We looked at other CSJ schools’ policies, and this was a common policy for CSJ schools.”

The third change was a deletion of a duplicately worded policy about hoodies.

Though Baker has not received much feedback about these changes, what she has heard so far has been positive.

“Teachers were fine in the teachers’ meeting, and students at orientation seemed to react pretty positively,” Baker said. “So I’m glad of that. It gives me great hope that it’ll be a very good year.”