Fall musical auditions begin

Auditions for this year’s fall musical, “Jane Eyre,” began Tuesday.


Senior Rose Genaris poses with copies of “Jane Eyre,” both the musical’s score and the original book. Students in Kelly Fast’s AP Literature class read the novel over the summer. photo by Madi Winfield

by Sophy Silva and Madi Winfield

Students began auditions for this year’s fall musical, “Jane Eyre,” yesterday afternoon and continued today after school. Director Shana Prentiss held the auditions in the auditorium and choir room, where students practiced their singing, acting and dancing skills.

Every fall, several students from STA, Rockhurst High School and other schools around the Kansas City area come to STA for auditions.

“Auditioning has allowed me to meet some new people, and I believe that it really brings us all closer together,” sophomore Elise Cressey said.

Songs, dances and monologues from the musical were performed by students in small groups. The auditions lasted longer than planned, since there were more students trying out this year than expected.

The musical is based on the classic novel written by Charlotte Bronte and takes place in Victorian England. The main character, Jane, had a difficult childhood as an orphan. She later has to face many struggles of life as a woman.

Students who receive callbacks are to meet in the auditorium Thursday after school. The cast of “Jane Eyre” and the dates for this musical are to be announced.