Bridget Jones
Hey gal pals, it’s your girl Bridget Jones here. I’m a senior with a true passion for Baskin Robbin’s cotton candy milkshakes, Chipotle chicken burrito bowls and anything Disney related-- I mean let’s talk about a Saturday night, ladies. I am so excited to be this year’s Social Media Manager (add @dartpaper on Snapchat) and I’m hard at work most days on my travel blog: ‘Bridget Jones’s (Travel) Diaries’, unless I’m rearranging my room or watching my girl Torie’s latest ‘Confessions of a Black Girl’ #soproud. You can usually find me spending an unnatural amount of time trying to think of the perfect Instagram caption or re-watching way too many episodes of ‘Bob’s Burgers’ in one sitting, while trying to convince myself that I’m not the actual reincarnation of Tina Belcher in real human form (even though everyone repeatedly tells me I am). I’m also still trying to figure out how to travel for a living; I’ll keep you updated.  Also, please note that I was not named after the movie “Bridget Jones’s Diary.” I have never successfully kept a diary longer than three days. One more thing, I’m not mad/sad/lonely/tired/scared/nervous/mean/annoyed, this is just my resting face. There was once a time when I tried to fake smile 24/7, but it just didn’t work out for me, so here we are today. I can’t wait to live out my third and final year on the Dart with my fellow journalists and my favorite gal pals!

Bridget Jones, Social Media Manager

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