“If I Stay”? You should go

by Bridget Jones, Social Media Manager

I laughed, I cried, I sang. Just kidding, scratch that last part; I didn’t actually sing. I could have if I wanted to, but I was too busy crying.


If I Stay, based on the young adult fiction book by Gayle Forman, is a story about Mia Hall, a teenage girl who is an extremely talented cello player and has the chance to get in to Julliard. This, of course, causes a dilemma with her boyfriend, Adam, is the opposite of Mia. He is a rocker in a band, and she is a classical musician.


One day in the middle of winter, Mia and her family end up in a car wreck. The plot of the movie follows Mia as her life literally flashes before her eyes and she decides whether or not she should live or die.


I have to tell you that the ending had me in tears; happy, sad and confused tears. About the last 30 minutes of the movie I was bawling, but I had that feeling of crying in my throat the entire movie. So yes, this movie will make you cry, unless you are made of stone and didn’t even cry at The Titanic. If that’s you, then you’re a robot with no soul.


The plot moves well and the character development is flawless. It is a little slow at the beginning of the movie, but that is needed to help the audience really fall in love with Mia and feel what she is feeling towards the end of the movie. The movie not only focuses on Mia and Adam’s love story but also Mia’s relationship with her family and friends, which is a nice twist on a classic teenage love story movie. And of course, how can I not talk about Chloe Grace Moretz? She plays Mia like she plays every other role she has ever had in a movie – perfectly.


Overall, I’d say go see If I Stay because then you will find out if Mia stays or not and – well, what’s the point in life if you don’t find out what you must know?