American Horror Story: creepy, twisted, intriguing


by Bridget Jones, Social Media Manager

6.127 million. That’s how many viewers tuned into the season premiere of American Horror Story: Freakshow. Obviously, from these numbers, the show’s creators, Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk, seem to know what they’re doing. Since American Horror Story’s premiere in 2011, there have been three seasons and it is currently on its fourth.


For those not familiar with the show, each season is completely different from the last; some of the actors in each season are the same, but they also bring in new people. Jessica Lange, Frances Conroy, Sarah Paulson and Evan Peters, who many people call the “Fantastic Four,” are the only four actors who have been in all four seasons.


Warning: American Horror Story is not for the faint of heart. Many, if not all, of the episodes include gore, death and sexually explicit scenes, so I wouldn’t watch it with your dad on the couch next to you – unless you really want some awkward tension. Murder House, Asylum and Coven were the first three seasons and each one was stranger, creepier and more twisted than the last. Freakshow is right on point with all of them.


Freakshow is based in the typical southern small town of Jupiter, Fla. There have been many murders and kidnappings and as society usually does, the citizens and police blame it on the people of the town who aren’t “normal.” In this case, these people are literal freaks. Elsa Mars (Jessica Lange) runs a freakshow that includes various “freaks” such as a two-headed woman (Sarah Paulson), a bearded lady (Kathy Bates) and Lobster Boy, or Jimmy Darling, played by my personal ultimate Man Crush Monday, Evan Peters.


Each episode goes in-depth with the backstories and history of each character, truly giving the audience strong feelings towards each character. Freakshow is truly one of a kind. Each episode is simultaneously terrifying and thought-provoking. The show proves that sometimes the people who are different are not the true freaks; it is the seemingly normal next door neighbor or the pretty girl who seems to have her whole life together that is the true twisted maniac.



American Horror Story: Freakshow truly makes the audience think. What is the definition of “normal?” Is everyone a freak in their own way? Why do we as a society exploit people who look or act different than us? What is it about freakshows and freaks that make us so interested and drawn into them? What are we willing to do to fit in or be normal? Think about all of these questions next time you watch American Horror Story: Freakshow and remember, wir sind alle freaks.