Dear Mother Nature


by Bridget Jones, Social Media Manager


Dear Mother Nature,


I don’t enjoy waking up every morning and rushing to figure out if I should wear boots or tennis shoes, leggings or no leggings, a winter coat or my STA fleece. It’s a real struggle everyday having to change my entire wardrobe from the day before. And do you, Mother Nature, know why that is? Well, it’s because of you.


I don’t know what’s been up with you lately, but you seem to be very indecisive. One day you will be a beautiful, sunny 55 degrees and the next you’re cloudy and below zero. I’m just confused. I mean just yesterday I was wearing shorts and getting frozen yogurt, then BOOM today I’m in boots and my big winter coat, freezing my butt off walking from class to class.


Most people don’t like this fast-changing weather. It’s like you’re tricking us, teasing us with the idea of summer, just to dump right back into the cold reality, literally. Sure, it’s nice to have a variety every now and then, but everyday? I don’t think so.


I can’t even count how many times I’ve gotten dressed for school, then had to go back upstairs and change because the weather was not what I had expected, all because of you. It’s kind of ironic when its 60 degrees out and I see big piles of snow in corners of parking lots and pushed together on the side of the road. The snow is confused too. It doesn’t know if it should melt, or tough out your warm temperatures and the hot sun beating down, because it will soon be joined by more. Last week I left my house at 5 p.m. and it was sunny and warm. As I was driving home just two hours later it was freezing and lightly snowing.


This is getting out of hand. Maybe you’re going through a rough patch, or maybe you enjoy being so cruel, but please get your act together and keep the weather patterns at a steady pace.


Thank you.


Sincerely yours, The Freezing-Wait-No-I’m-Hot-Just-Kidding-It’s-Cold-Again Bridget