Meg Thompson

Meg Thompson, Staff Photographer

If I had a Panera nametag, it would read: “My name is Meg and my passion is my family”. I have two older brothers and two older sisters. My sisters, Emily and Caroline, went to STA and although Caroline was on the Dart staff, I haven’t followed in their footsteps in everything.

I, unlike them, play tennis, love HGTV, am an oldies music enthusiast, and aspire one day to become a nurse. In a perfect world I would grow up to be an NICU nurse using my four days off each week to spend time with family, shop ‘til I drop, dive deeper into my faith, and do some yoga. My hope is that my siblings and I will all live in the same city, preferably Kansas City. I’ll use some “skill” I’ve picked up from watching HGTV to make my home a charming and comfortable place for my family and me to live in. I could go on about dreams for the future, but I digress…

This year as a returning staff member I hope to learn the tricks of my new job as a page designer and continue taking photographs for the Dart. In addition to taking literal photos, as a senior, I plan to take mental pictures in order to cherish my last year at STA. I hope to remember the little things: laughing with friends, walking through the quad on a pretty day, goofing around during advisory parties. I also hope to carry with me on my future endeavors the things I have learned here: what it means to be a good friend, to appreciate the little things, to be spirited, and above all, love. That’s all for now.

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