Ellie Grever

Ellie Grever, Visual Illustrator

Most know me as Ellie Grever. Others - “Slagathor” (save the entire 11-year-old demographic to whom I am “Taylor Swift”). My interests lie primarily in art, which has led me to be the current illustrator on the incredible Dart staff.

When not absently scribbling on the margins of my schoolwork, find me scouring the library for CDs, galavanting in open fields or plugging away at homework while trying to coax my cats into my lap. Other things I enjoy include music of the shoegaze genre, colored mascara, 90s pop-culture and flavored coffee creamer. Strike up a conversation with me and you may also note my pun-damental sense of humor. Additionally, in the words of Christopher Walken, “I like spaghetti. And I like to cook spaghetti.”

Though I aspire to kick butt, go to space and represent the human race, space is dangerous and nearly 100% undefined to us; so, until I muster up the courage, I’ll stay here and see what I can do in the way of making people happy by drawing pretty pictures.

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