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Hey, guys! I’m Meredith and I’m a senior. This is my second year on staff, and I am just a plain ol’ writer with a fabulous blog on DNO. In my free time, I like to take long walks on the beach while pondering the meaning of being a ginger. I also tend to get into a freakishly large amount of car accidents. I spend exorbitant amounts of money at Yogurtini, and I hope to own at least ten dogs, five goats and several pairs of Louboutins when I’m older (that’s all you really need in life, just saying.) Oh, and I could totally live in Costco and watch only Grey’s Anatomy, Bob’s Burgers, Apocalypse Now and Pretty in Pink for the rest of my life.

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Almost Southern: the Yogi

Almost Southern: the Yogi

February 17, 2016
Where am I hiding today?

Elf Wanted: Day 8

December 11, 2015
Adderall sales have doubled since 2007, and one in ten teens have abused Adderall in the United States. photo by Violet Cowdin

An illegal edge

December 10, 2015
Where am I hiding today?

Elf Wanted: Day 8

December 9, 2015
Where am I hiding today?

Elf Wanted: Day 7

December 8, 2015
Hometown Haunts

Hometown Haunts

October 27, 2015
Daycare isnt funny

Daycare isn’t funny

September 15, 2015
Meredith Raymer and her community service group in India help children attending a government school with spoken English. photo courtesy of Meredith Raymer

Americans in Asia

September 14, 2015
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