Audrey Carroll
When Audrey isn’t spending her time binge­watching Netflix, stuffing her face with food, or going off on feminist rants, she is dedicating her life and soul to the upkeep and maintenance of DartNewsOnline. Yes, that’s right, reader, you have her to thank for this beautiful website which you utilise to procrastinate and avoid doing school work. She thanks you for dedicating your time to DNO for such matters.

She is a staunch supporter of Chipotle burrito bowls, dogs, and the Oxford comma. Her female role models are: Amy Poehler, Emma Watson, and Meryl Streep. You will often find Audrey eating her feelings in front of a computer screen, making sure she does not miss any deadlines. Audrey is trying - and failing - to remain sane while participating in the college application process, but her closest vision of what her future will look like is this: walking down the streets of Chicago, pizza in one hand, hot dog in the other, getting into political debates with random street campaigners. A GoFundMe page to eliminate this bleak future is coming soon; keep your eyes peeled.

Audrey may come off as having a weird, bold personality. This is because she does. But she very much enjoys spending time with friends and her fellow Dart staffers, and hopes they enjoy this time spent together as well. :­-)

Audrey Carroll, Managing Editor of Web

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