STA to host CSJ leadership conference

STA is hosting a CSJ leadership conference over the summer that will include CSJ schools across the country, and one in France.



Principal of Student Affairs, Barb McCormick, smiles for a photo with the STA CSJ Campers in the Donnelly building. photo by Cassie Hayes

by Audrey Carroll, Managing Editor of Web

Over the course of the past few years at STA, students have been selected to be a part of the CSJ leadership team on campus. These CSJ “Campers” do volunteer work and learn about the work of the Sisters of St. Joseph, who founded St. Teresa’s Academy. Over the summer, a few campers have been invited to attend a CSJ conference at Avila University and on the STA campus hosted by STA to learn more about leadership skills and  how to incorporate CSJ careisms into their school life.

Junior Emma Swinney who became a CSJ camper this past summer has been invited to represent STA at the conference.

“I think that this conference is going to be amazing, and I’m really honored to represent the school,” Swinney said.

Principal of academic affairs and CSJ associate Barbara McCormick has attended adult CSJ leadership conferences, where the idea to hold a student conference this year came about.

According to McCormick, students will complete half-day service projects and then do an excursion service project later that week where students will go do service in the Kansas City community. Students will also be doing leadership exercises.

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CSJ schools from all around the country will be sending 8 students, with the exception of St. Joseph’s in LePuis, France sending 2 students, to the conference for a total of 42 students, according to McCormick.

Among the schools are St. Joseph’s Academy in Baton Rouge, La., Nazareth in Chicago, Mount St Joseph’s Academy in Philadelphia, St. Joseph’s in Cleveland, and St Joseph’s in LePuis, France.

According to Swinney, she believes meeting with different students from other CSJ schools will be interesting and beneficial.

“I think that we could possibly begin a different kind of relationship with the other schools that the Sisters of St. Joseph have founded,” Swinney said.

The conference will not only be beneficial to the students attending, but to all STA students, according to McCormick, because the things learned will help reinforce the type of service learning and care for others our students participate in now.

“It is not only about the history of CSJs and our founders, but also about how do we take our knowledge and information and turn that into leadership roles to society and the school community,” McCormick said.

McCormick hopes the takeaways from the conference will affect student extracurriculars such as outside volunteering, tutoring, sports and more so the CSJ ideals will spread throughout the community by STA students.