Stay Woke: An Introduction

My current events vlog will be published every two weeks. The goal of this vlog is to keep students updated on news around the world.

by Audrey Carroll, Managing Editor of Web

Hey, y’all. So I’m trying something new this year. I’m vlogging.

I really think it’s important for teenagers to be updated on current events and what’s happening in the world around them, and I thought a blog would be a good way to do this. I took it one step further by turning my idea into a video blog, or vlog, to be #hip and #relatable.

On the subject of me being a cool, hip newsie, I’ll explain the name of my vlog. I chose the phrase “Stay Woke” because it has been floating through social media quite frequently over the past fews months in relation to big events happening in our country. The phrase encourages people to keep their eyes open and inform themselves on current events to help make a positive, significant change in the world.

I will be updating every two weeks, on Monday. This week’s vlog is just an introduction to what I’ll be doing/saying. I hope you watch and enjoy this vlog and, as always, feel free to give me feedback.