Technology is beneficial for students if physical interaction is still enforced

Technology in the classroom is an overall beneficial addition to the education system.


illustration by Ellie Grever

by Editorial Board and Ellie Grever

The world is no longer what it was 50 years ago: innovations and technology play a major role in our lives. Technology affects billions of people, and students need to be able to learn and develop with the changing world.

Using technology in the classroom allows students the ability to familiarize themselves  with many programs they will likely need in the future. Students need to develop these technological skills in order to be prepared to communicate and network in the workforce. Not only does technology in the classroom equip students for the future, it also helps spark discussion in the classroom.

With modern videos and documentaries, teachers can use media to relate their discussions to the students and the modern age. In the 21st century, students will more likely participate in a discussion that interests them with relevance.

Many may worry about technology’s negative effects. However, if STA is mindful about the advances it makes in terms of implementing these new technologies, then both students and teachers alike will benefit. As long as technology does not eliminate face-to-face interactions between peer students and teachers, it remains a great way to modernize the STA education.