Attention to everyday environmental impact will positively influence the world

Screen Shot 2016-03-08 at 11.02.57 AMYou know the list of things to do to be friendly to the environment:

Recycle. Ride your bike. Plant trees. And so on.

But how many of those things do we actually act on? How many of them are even practical?

How much impact can one person make, anyway?

Does it matter that you throw your can of coca-cola away when you can’t find a recycle bin? You recycle at home. Does that one can matter?

Would it matter if you biked to your friend’s house instead of drove there, even though you drive everywhere else? Does that one mile matter?

Would it matter if replaced just one meal a week with local food? Does it matter whether your meat came from across the country or from across the city?


Every action you take to make this planet better matters. From the place you buy something to how many miles away it’s from to how you dispose of it, every mile, every bite, every piece of trash matters.

Imagine if every student at STA chose, after getting Bistro, to throw everything away instead of deciding what to put in the garbage or what to recycle.

Now imagine if every STA student recycled just one bottle from their lunch. How much impact could we have if we did that every day for a week? A month? A year?

It all counts. Every bottle of soda, every mile of gas, every bite of food. It all adds up, and you can make a difference, no matter how small.

So, next time you can’t find a recycle bin, keep your bottle until you find one.

The next time you think it won’t matter whether you walk or drive, try walking. It’s better for you anyway.

The next time you’re picking up food for the next week, shop local.

You can make a difference.

All these little things can change the world.