Daycare isn’t funny

The use of the term “daycare” is degrading towards STA as a whole.


by Meredith Mulhern, Staff Writer

While planning for the Class of 2016 Junior Ring dance, ideas for the theme were exchanged days before the decision was made. Harry Potter, The Great Gatsby, Carnival and Daycare.

I can honestly say that I was shocked when fellow classmates walked up to me during lunch and asked if I would vote for “daycare” to be the theme.

“It’s funny,” they said. “The Rockhurst guys will love it.”

Two things about this sentence bothered me. My first issue was that we shouldn’t pick our theme based upon what other students, who don’t even go to STA, will think. My second issue was that it is not funny to degrade our own school, no matter the situation.

STA girls need to stop calling STA a daycare. Not only are you encouraging other schools to disrespect the academic institution that STA is, but you are degrading your own education, your own sisters.

Why would you want to bash STA? Why would you want people to think that we are anything less than an excellent school? Because it’s funny? Because it makes you look “cool” to the Rockhurst boys? The fact that STA girls use the term “daycare” for this reason absolutely disgusts me, and if you use that term, you are going against everything STA teaches us.

STA teaches us to be empowered young women. This school teaches us to stand up for what we believe in, speak our minds and rise up to every challenge.

I dare you to say a daycare would teach its students those values.

I dare you to insult the very school that will always support you, help you and guide you.

I don’t care if some of the activities that STA partakes in can be considered “childish” to others. If you are a student here, you should defend your school and not participate in the childish act of disrespecting this place.

If you really love STA, stop using the term “daycare.” Stop supporting the people who disrespect us. Stop Tweeting and Snapchatting pictures of advisory parties or yard days and using the caption “daycare.” Start being a proud STA girl who appreciates her education and the opportunities given to us, even if no one else does.