Screaming for ice cream

This week, I ate an excessive amount of dairy to try some of the best ice cream shops around KC.


by Meghan Baker, Photo Editor

With warmer weather hopefully upon us, ice cream should be your go-to summer snack. From decadent to sweet, ice cream has so many flavors that are sure to make even the worst of summer heat bearable. When it comes to ice cream, I am willing to try any and every flavor. So, this week I went to some of the best ice cream places around KC that everyone should try, especially when the line at Betty Rae’s is outside the door.  

#1 Westport Ice Cream Bakery

What I got: Ube in a waffle cone

First off, I bet you’re wondering what ube is. Well, it’s a purple yam that is most commonly found  in the Philippines. Despite how weird this sounds, this is the most amazing ice cream I have ever had. As for the flavor, the ice cream tastes like a combination of vanilla and pistachio. The consistency is about as thick as frosting, but still with the taste of ice cream. Westport Ice Cream has so many flavors in wild colors, so no matter what you get you’re sure to have fun.

#2 Poppy’s Ice Cream and Coffee House

What I got: Blue Moon ice cream in a waffle cone with sprinkles

Though this may look like a sherbert, this bright blue ice cream is actually not very sweet. The ice cream mainly tastes like marshmallows with hints of Froot Loop flavors, giving it an almost cake-like taste. The texture of this ice cream keeps it pretty simple with a smooth, creamy consistency. This ice cream parlor also doubles as a coffee house, so if you’re ever looking for a place to study and eat delicious ice cream, Poppy’s is the place for you.

#3 Sylas and Maddy’s Homemade Ice Cream

What I got:  Gold Rush Ice cream in a chocolate waffle cone

This vanilla based ice cream has almost everything you could imagine with its thick caramel swirl, milk chocolate, Snickers bar bits, peanuts and Oreo chunks. Though I did like the idea of this ice cream, I was disappointed with what I received. Ice cream is obviously made with milk, but the consistency of the ice cream was extremely milky and melted so quickly that the toppings were falling out of my cone. Despite my disappointment, Sylas and Maddy’s did have the most flavor options out of all the places I went to, so I may have to go back and see if a different flavor is better.