Bagels are everything

This week, I indulged myself with way too many carbs to find the best everything bagel in Kansas City.


by Meghan Baker, Photo Editor

Bagels are one of the simplest foods you can eat, yet they can come in so many different flavors. Despite my love of all bagels in general, my favorite has to be everything bagels. The poppy seeds, sesame seeds, dried garlic, dried onion and salt always come together to taste like something so much more than just bread with a hole in the middle. Keep reading to see where I get my favorite everything bagels around KC.

#1 Meshuggah

What I got: everything bagel with rosemary and garlic schmear

If you’ve never been to Meshuggah you need to go. Now. This is single-handedly the best bagel I have ever had in Kansas City. The classic everything bagel seasoning covers every inch of the bread creating an explosion of flavor not usually associated with bagels. The thick layer of  rosemary and garlic schmear added even more seasoning to the already savory bagel. If you’re not a fan of everything bagels, don’t worry because Meshuggah only serves bagels, so they have a huge variety of other amazing bagels and schmears to choose from.

#2 Mud Pie Vegan Bakery and Coffeehouse

What I got: everything bagel with plain cream cheese

Say what you want about vegan food, but this vegan everything bagel was top-tier. It didn’t stray away from the classic everything bagel. It was still crunchy and contained all the normal seasoning. I was also surprised by the dairy-free cream cheese that came with the bagel. I seriously could not taste the difference between that and normal cream cheese. So, if you’re looking for a simple bagel with some health benefits, Mud Pie is the place to go.

#3 Filling Station

What I got: Bagel with Lox and Liquid Sunshine

A bagel with lox is one of my favorite breakfast foods and the Filling Station’s version of it did not disappoint. The pickled onions, capers and lox topped the dill cream cheese perfectly. Placed on the toasted everything bagel, all these ingredients made an extremely filling and fresh meal. I also got the Liquid Sunshine juice and, let me tell you, the name is spot-on. The carrot, strawberry, orange, lemon and apple juices all combined to make a super sweet and refreshing drink sure to improve anybody’s mood.