Best of Burnt Ends

This week I tried three barbecue restaurants that I’ve never had before on quest to find Kansas City’s best burnt end sandwich.


by Meghan Baker, Photo Editor

With barbecue season in full swing, I decided to go to barbecue restaurants that I had never been to before to test out one of my favorite barbecue dishes: burnt end sandwiches. The perfect burnt end usually has a little bit of fat, a smoky flavor and a crunchy bark. Take a look to see where I got the best burnt end sandwich.

#1 Char Bar

What I got: Burnt Heaven

This sandwich really put a twist on the classic burnt end sandwich. Instead of just the normal meat and sauce, it combined seemingly mismatched flavors of smoked sausage, fried jalapenos, chipotle BBQ mayo and coleslaw. These flavors all came together and complemented the perfectly cooked and smoky meat. I also loved the massive fried pickles as a side, although they were a little too salty. Overall, this meal was full off flavor and extremely filling.

#2 Q39

What I got: Mr. Burns

This burnt end sandwich was simple, yet enjoyable. The chunks of meat weren’t too dry, which commonly happens to burnt ends. The bun was also buttered and toasted to excellence. The pepper jack cheese also added the ideal amount of spice and, of course, the crispy onions can make almost any food better.

#3 Slaps

What I got: The End is Near

After reading good reviews on this restaurant I was extremely disappointed in how their burnt end sandwich tasted. The meat was way too chewy with hardly any seasoning. There was also more grease on the sandwich than there was meat. Overall, this barbecue joint was definitely not worth the twenty-five minute drive from my house.