Let’s taco ’bout it

This week, I ate nine tacos to find some of the best street tacos in the KC area.


by Meghan Baker, Photo Editor

I can honestly say I don’t know anybody who doesn’t love street tacos. In my opinion, street tacos set the standard for how all tacos should taste. The corn tortillas, preferably homemade, filled with perfectly seasoned meat, onion and cilantro, are a staple food in my life that always brightens my mood. If you’re looking for some of the best classic street tacos in the KC area, then keep reading to see where I think you should go.

#1 El Camino Real

What I got: Carne asada, carnitas and al pastor

This authentic Mexican taqueria serves up some of the best tacos I’ve ever had. The al pastor taco, which has thinly cut pieces of pork, was by far my favorite taco out of the three I ate. The pork had a fatty, crunchy outside and a perfectly cooked center with a taste similar to bacon. Besides the amazing flavor, the thing that really stuck out the most about these tacos was the tortillas. El Camino Real handmakes their corn tortillas right in front of you and cooks them fresh for each customer.

#2 Tacos el Gallo

What I got: Chorizo, pastor and asada

Not only are these tacos a perfect example of street tacos, the prices were also extremely low and jam-packed with meat, which made the tacos taste even better. This restaurant was also the only place I found chorizo tacos, which is one of my favorite meats. The chorizo definitely did not disappoint with its spicy, smoky flavor. Also, if you’re serious spice lover, Tacos el Gallo has a habanero salsa and habanero filled pico de gallo that has a serious kick to it.

#3 Tortilleria San Antonio

What I got: Buche, barbacoa and carnitas

You wouldn’t expect a taco shop tucked in the back of a grocery store to be amazing, but these street tacos are a must-try. The slow-cooked barbacoa has to be my favorite taco I had here because of it’s smoky, authentic flavor. I topped each taco with cilantro, white onions and their creamy avocado salsa, which I’ve never had before, but I will definitely be having again after trying this one. If you’re not into avocados don’t fret, because out of all the taco places I went, Tortilleria San Antonio had the most extensive taco bar with various salsas and other toppings.