A health nut’s haven

This week, I tried some healthy restaurants in an attempt to follow through with my New Year’s resolution to eat healthier.


by Meghan Baker, Photo Editor

If you’re like me you have blindly decided to eat healthier in the New Year, but love going out to eat way too much to take it seriously. In hopes of actually following through with my resolution this year I tried some of Kansas City’s healthiest restaurants to make the transition of constantly eating greasy junk food to fruits and vegetables a little bit easier.

#1 Enjoy Pure Food + Drink

What I got: Clean Livin’ Cold Bowl and Greenzing Juice

Enjoy offers any type healthy food you can think of, from steel cut oats to cauliflower. The restaurant serves foods for all three meals and offers multiple colorful juices and snacks. With almost all foods being gluten free, vegan or paleo you’ll never have to worry about your dietary needs. The Clean Livin’ cold bowl would be a perfect choice for a quick breakfast with its gluten free granola, flax seed and coconut on top of a berry and banana blend.  If you’re looking for some seriously tasty and Insta-worthy food stop by this clean eating restaurant.

#2 Blue Bird Bistro

What I got: Salmon Benedict

Looking for a classy, healthy brunch spot with all organic ingredients can be hard, but Blue Bird Bistro solves that problem. Though this restaurant might be a little pricier, the organic, locally sourced and all-natural ingredients are guaranteed to make you feel healthy and full after each meal. All the farm-fresh ingredients, combined with the creamy hollandaise sauce, definitely made this one of the best egg Benedicts I have ever had. The homemade bread will also have you coming back for seconds.

#3 Can I Have a Bite

What I got: Blackberry juice, peach juice and Strawberry-lime juice and Curried Vegetables and Coconut Rice

Not only is all the food at Can I Have a Bite flavorful, organic and locally sourced, they are also known for their meal planning and juice cleansing services. Their menu changes weekly depending on what fruits and vegetables are in season allowing you to order new meals every week and reheat them whenever you get hungry. The curry was exceptionally flavorful and packed with a healthy amount vegetables making me full, even without meat. Though the juices do contain Apple Cider Vinegar, the vibrant fruit flavors mask the taste, especially in the blackberry juice. For those of you intense health nuts out there this place is perfect for you!