FBLA to take field trip to Worlds of Fun

FBLA will be going to Worlds of Fun for the Show-Me Leadership Conference Oct. 3.

FBLA to take field trip to Worlds of Fun

by Paige Powell, Staff Photographer

St. Teresa’s FBLA organization, along with over 500 other members of FBLA in Missouri, will attend the Show-Me Leadership Conference at Worlds of Fun Oct. 3.

“It is a day of fun and workshops,” FBLA moderator Alicia Stewart said. Not only do members get to ride all of the attractions at the park, but they will also get a behind-the-scenes tour of Worlds of Fun and meet the employees who help run the park. FBLA will be doing this to understand the business side of the operation.

The next meeting will take place Oct. 6. In the meeting, the organization will cover information about competitive events and Business Achievement Awards (BAAs). The meeting will be held so that members can learn what competitive events are all about and how the program works. Pizza will also be served.

FBLA is currently taking registration for the National Fall Leadership Conference (NFLC) in Omaha Nov. 5-8. Any members who are interested can sign up with Ms. Stewart in D03.