CSJ club fundraises for St. Theresia Girls’ Secondary School in Tanzania

CSJ club fundraised Oct. 25-26 for impoverished teenage girls in Africa.


Members of CSJ club fundraise by making and selling smoothies during lunch Oct. 25-26. photo by Ella Kugler

by Ella Kugler, Page Designer

CSJ club held a smoothie fundraiser monitored by club moderator and theology teacher Jennifer Greene Oct. 25-26. All funds went to St. Theresia Girls’ Secondary School in Tanzania, Africa. The school educates over 450 impoverished teenage girls.

“Their sponsor reached out to us,” junior Sophia Tumminia said. “We thought the cause was worthy and we saw some pictures where all the girls looked so happy, so we decided to fundraise for them.”

This is CSJ club’s first year fundraising with a smoothie drive.

“We normally have a lot of bake sales and we are hoping to do some kind of t-shirt drive in the future,” Tumminia said.

Smoothies made by members of the CSJ club for their fundraiser on Oct. 25-26. photo by Ella Kugler