STA holds annual club and extracurricular fair

The fair, Aug. 29, was a chance for students to explore involvement in clubs and extracurriculars before the official sign up date.


Students walked from table to table outside of Donnelly Hall, where extracurricular sign ups were located. photo by Gabby Staker

by Gabby Staker, Design Editor

Tables lined the sidewalks in the Quad at St. Teresa’s Academy as clubs and extracurriculars attracted prospective members Aug. 29 at the annual fair. Freshman and sophomores were allotted time during Activity 1, while juniors and seniors surveyed the area during Activity 2.

At STA, students are allowed membership in one club per year, but can join an unlimited number of extracurriculars since they meet outside of school hours. Clubs, however, meet once a month on a designated Friday during activity period.

“It’s a great thing for STA and new students because it really shows all the different aspects that St. Teresa’s has to offer and you just get a little taste of everything,” Mary Grace Greene, sophomore and officer of extracurricular Stars for Life, said.

It’s an opportunity to see what other students are interested in, as well as develop your own passions.

“You can show your interests in different things without having to fully commit,” Greene said.