Rotary Club accompanies Immacolata Manor residents at Christmas party

Rotary Club attended the 18th annual Kristin’s Kids Christmas party on Dec. 9. They gave gifts to the residents, played bingo and sang Christmas carols.


Senior Gabi Pesek talks to a member at the Immacolata Manor Dec. 9. This was the 18th annual Kristin’s Kids Christmas. photo courtesy of Gabi Pesek

by Torri Henry, Writer

Rotary Club attended the 18th Annual Kristin’s Kids Christmas party with Immacolata Manor this past Saturday on Dec. 9. Kristin’s Kids partners up with Immacolata Manor, a non-profit agency that provides housing and community life for people with developmental disabilities to give presents to the residents.

Kristin’s Kids was started by Brittney Sanders who was inspired by her friend, Kristin. When Brittney was six years old, Kristin passed away from cancer. Kristin was never able to receive her Christmas presents that year, so Brittney decided to give them to the unfortunate.

This year, Rotary Club not only attended the party, but helped the residents open their gifts, played bingo and sang Christmas carols with them.