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How to Have a Haunted Halloween.

I went to one of Kansas City’s best haunted house; here’s what I thought.

A shiver ran through my body, and I still can’t decide if it was due to the cold temperature or my nerves. I was waiting in line to experience the Kansas City classic, Edge of Hell.

Having never been to a haunted house before, I figured an iconic, well-loved one was a great place to start. Lines form quickly at Edge of Hell and its partner The Beast, so my friend and I made sure to arrive early. This just built up the anticipation.

While you are waiting in line actors walk around outside and get you hype. The one that stood out most to me was a woman dressed as a corpse bride. She carried a pet rat, and at one point put the rat in her mouth, which was severely alarming to me.

Once we got into the haunted house, we traversed five floors filled with walls that caved in, bridges suspended over water, and spinning floors. People jumped out from the floor and the walls to scare us, and the pitch black kept us from seeing anything. The fright was exhilarating.

My favorite room was one near the end of the house. Before you walk in they hand you a pair of 3D glasses. The room you enter has white walls with neon dots. The glasses make the dots flow all around the room. The walls feel like they are closing in on you. There is also a part of the neon room where you walk across a bridge, and the walls feel like they are spinning around you. The adrenaline rush that came with this room was extreme. I enjoyed it quite a bit.

If you decided to spend an evening at this spooky site, or any haunted house, I definitely recommend going in a group. I only went with one other person, so I was worried there would be no hiding in the middle of the pack. It takes a brave person to go first or last; and I didn’t want it to be me. Luckily, we met some girls our age in line and went through the whole house together!

Overall, Edge of Hell was a fantastic experience. The scares feel authentic, and I often had to remind myself that everything was fake. Yet, a ticket to the house starts at $38, which is too much for a 30-minute experience. I’ll try anything once, though! You should too! Have a haunted Halloween!

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Cassie Hallier, Staff Writer
Hey! I’m Cassie Hallier, I’m a sophomore and this is my first year on The Dart! I love to shop, travel and go to concerts! The best concert I’ve ever been to was Noah Kahan’s “I was/I am Tour” in 2021 or “The Eras Tour” in 2023! My three favorite songs are “Call Your Mom” by Noah Kahan, “White Horse” by Taylor Swift and “Waiting Room” by Phoebe Bridgers. I drink an Alani Nu energy drink everyday. My favorite flavor is Kimade! In the future, I hope to work in social media or business! I cannot wait for this year on the Dart staff!

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