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A Living Lens

I have always held a passion for documenting moments through videography- thanks to my little yellow camera.

Since the Christmas I was given my little yellow camera, I’ve felt the inclination to document every waking moment of my life. I was the child reprimanded for constantly recording, the friend always capturing candid moments to revisit them at a later time. For some reason, envisioning my life as a montage keeps every moment worth relishing.


I love videography. In my opinion, compiling bits and pieces through video to relay an impactful message is one of the most effective means of storytelling. If you were to ask my YouTube-obsessed sixth-grade self, my answer would be unchanged.


Two summers ago, I bought a $60 camcorder on Amazon- a camera that quickly became my prized possession. Sadly, it no longer works. But for the time it lasted, I lived devoted to a cheap, easily breakable, yet cherished lens.


I brought that camcorder with me everywhere. If you were to look through the videos, you’d find clips from Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Italy, Illinois, New York, and of course, all over Kansas City. Every clip is soon to be a part of a larger collection of my experiences; a way to relive what I wish to never let go of.


I know many people say that always taking photos or videos removes you from the present moment, but I disagree. I believe that in doing so, you’re providing yourself with the opportunity to experience something valuable time and time again. Every time I rewatch a clip, I notice new hidden details and grow to appreciate the moment more. Film may simply be a moment in time, but it is a moment in time that will last forever.


I will continue to be the friend always recording because I know that when I or those I love need comfort, we will have a source to go to. Every time I press record, I add more to a never-ending story – one that someday, I’ll be showing my grandchildren. I may not be able to use that $60 camcorder anymore, but I know that those clips are just a fraction of my life’s montage.

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Ellie McManamy, Social Media Team
Hi everyone! My name is Ellie McManamy and I am a senior at STA. I’m very excited for my second year as social media editor on The Dart staff! In my free time, I sing with Kansas City Acapella, run a crochet business on Instagram and take yoga classes! When I’m not doing these things, you can find me filming and editing videos, making fancy coffees or religiously listening to Lana Del Rey. I cannot wait to write and help run the Instagram again this year! Have a wonderful day, and keep an eye out for the next issue of The Dart! :)

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