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Being in an all-girls academic setting for the first time can be a stark contrast from the coed grade school environment we spent our early years in. It requires a large amount of adaptability and courage, whether it be taking your first advanced class or making an entirely new set of friends. On the positive side, it generates a community of like-minded, unified individuals and offers us the opportunity to evolve in our womanhood, together.


The Dart staff members discussed their thoughts regarding whether or not attending STA has shifted their perspective on female empowerment. The unanimous consensus was an enthusiastic “Yes.”


Attending STA means that the role of every class president, club leader or team captain is invariably filled with a powerful female. Each student is granted the opportunity to lead with courage and mature in a space that prioritizes female empowerment without male judgment.


In addition to an all-female student body, STA’s faculty is predominantly composed of women. Run by three strong women who form the administrative team and established by the Sisters of Saint Joseph, STA is built upon female inclusivity and representation – qualities not always found in an academic setting. Typical male-dominated fields are challenged, as both athletic directors, the vast majority of coaches and the entirety of the STEM department are directed by women. Through an emphasis on welcoming women into every area of life, STA promotes the central message that femininity holds more meaning than just being female; it means we are deserving of embracing each of our unique identities and sharing our perspective with the world. 


This legacy and sisterhood is a part of the fabric of the STA community, which is evident when students encounter alumnae in public or learn from a teacher just how valuable the school is. All members who are a part of STA strive to promote that student voices – along with those of other women – deserve to be heard. We hold the Women’s Symposium, celebrate Women’s History Month and learn about influential historical females in each of our classes. Needless to say, the community at STA is one of empowerment.


The Dart staff members agree that with the recent surge in discussion surrounding feminism, gender norms have begun to neutralize. Men and women no longer diverge from differences, rather, they simply bond and learn from them. Slowly but surely, the world is beginning to shift their focus toward the same lens we have here at STA- one sharply intent on supporting young women.


“I feel like I’m in Barbie World in the best possible way,” one staff member said. “Everyone is always supporting you on your journey. Your peers always bring you up, and want to see you through your final journey walking across the stage.”

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Ellie McManamy, Social Media Team
Hi everyone! My name is Ellie McManamy and I am a senior at STA. I’m very excited for my second year as social media editor on The Dart staff! In my free time, I sing with Kansas City Acapella, run a crochet business on Instagram and take yoga classes! When I’m not doing these things, you can find me filming and editing videos, making fancy coffees or religiously listening to Lana Del Rey. I cannot wait to write and help run the Instagram again this year! Have a wonderful day, and keep an eye out for the next issue of The Dart! :)

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