Sophomores welcome three new students

Sophomore class meetings were held Sept. 4. The new students in the sophomore class were introduced.


New sophomore students (from left to right): Erika Matsuda, Jordan Kehring and Zoe Willard. photo by Zoe Butler

by Zoe Butler, Social Media Editor

Sophomores held their first class meeting Sept. 4. At this meeting, class t-shirt ideas were designed, and the new students in the sophomore class were introduced.

This year, sophomores have two new transfer students, Zoe Willard and Jordan Kehring, and one foreign exchange student, Erika Matsuda.
Willard is originally from KC, but moved to Bend, Oregon before sixth grade. She moved back this past July, just in time to attend STA. Kehring originally attended Notre Dame de Sion, but transferred to STA.

“I really love the school and community that it offers,” Willard said. “It’s great to be with my old friends and to meet new people as well!”

Matsuda is from Tsu City, Japan and attended STA’s sister school, St. Joseph’s Girl’s High School. She arrived in August and is staying for 10 months. She is staying with sophomore Sarah Schaefer and her family.

“I am looking forward to everything!” Matsuda said. “STA has many events, so I am excited. I want to be able to speak English fluently and make a lot of friends!”