Sophia Durone

Sophia Durone, Features Editor

Helloooo Dart readers! My name is Sophia Durone and I’m so excited for my second year on staff, this time as features editor. If I had to sum myself up in a few statements, I would say that my favorite drink is iced chai, I feel overly passionate about Betta Fish and the ice cream flavor I embody is Cookies & Cream. Also, I really really love Dart. If you’ve ever heard me chatting with friends around campus, you’ve probably learned that I always love to promote our upcoming issue, even after staying up until 3 a.m. the night before finishing my stories. Alternatively, you may have heard me screaming hello to my freshman sister (Hi Lainy!) from across the quad or telling the story of the time I met Miranda Cosgrove. Either way, I hope you enjoy our work this year on Dart because we are truly thrilled to be producing it for you- happy exploring!

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