Star Spotlight: Dr. Siabahn May-Washington

Dr. Siabahn May-Washington, STA president as of the 2019-2020 school year, discusses her journey to the school as well as her personal preferences.


St. Teresa’s Academy President Siabhan May-Washington talks about her excitement for her first year at STA Aug. 26. Washington mentions how she is making an effort to get to know students so she can better prepare them for college. photo by Becca Speier

by Sophia Durone, Features Editor

What initially drew you to STA when you were considering applying for the position of president?

I was drawn to STA because of the outstanding mission. Our mission is to educate young women to think critically, encourage them to love the dear neighbor without distinction and to empower girls to change the world. When I saw that mission statement and I looked at the website, I said, “I can get behind those initiatives and I would love to be there.” That’s what initially drew me. 

Did the single-sex environment of STA impact your choice to work at STA?

In addition to the mission statement, I started reading lots research [about female education] which was also amazing. It really showed that girls in single-sex environments have higher achievement gains, greater aptitude and interest in science, greater political activism and greater cultural competencies. I kept savoring all of those amazing outcomes for single-sex education which also drew me to STA. 

If your present-day self was a student at STA, are there any clubs or teams you would be interested in joining?

I would definitely join the newspaper or yearbook! Also, I would join volleyball —  I was an All-Metro volleyball player when I was in high school, so volleyball is my sport. Maybe I would do a little bit of running with cross country. 

If Bistro offered to make you a lunch of your choice, what would it be?

I love Mexican food. This would probably involve some enchiladas, refried beans, nachos of course and we should probably have some salads on the side. I think that would be my favorite lunch with ice cream for dessert. 

What is your favorite quote or saying?

I like the quote by Eleanor Roosevelt where she said, “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” It just really means that you don’t have to accept the disparaging things that people may say about you. If you buy into that, then that’s your own fault —  you should be in charge of how you’re feeling. Don’t give consent to people who are saying negative things. 

Which ice cream flavor do you believe you embody?

I would say chocolate because of my brown skin and also just because I love chocolate. Chocolate is like a staple in my diet — if I were to let it go, I would probably lose some weight but I have to have chocolate every week. I love dark chocolate Hershey’s bars, dark chocolate ice cream and Raisinets but my family thinks they’re so gross.

If you were a superhero, which power would you want to have?

I would love to be invisible. If I could have the superpower of invisibility and just hover over areas to see what people need, that would be great. Sometimes I think people may not be forthcoming about what they are really going through or what they need, so if I could be invisible and see them in their authentic environments and go to all sorts of different ecosystems to find out how I could help, I think that would be my power. 

What are you most excited for in your first year as STA President?

I’m excited to get to know all of the students because I’ve been looking at yearbooks and seeing students walk across campus and you all seem amazing. If I can get to know what makes you guys tick, it will help me with future planning, especially for new students who are coming so we can help to get them oriented. I also want to make sure students are well prepared for college so it’s important for me to get to know students and also our teachers and what needs they have. 

Last but not least, what is your favorite eeto?

I think I would probably say burrito. That goes with my whole Mexican cuisine vibe. A burrito.