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Lessons From STA

I’ve learned countless lessons from STA, both inside the classroom and out. Here are a few that I’m especially grateful for.

This season has allowed me to reflect on the lessons STA has taught me over the course of my time here, and what makes this school so special to so many people. An education from STA surpasses a typical high school experience, and these are just a few reasons why.

STA has taught me how to talk to people. Now, it’s not like I had crippling social anxiety or anything before I came here, it’s just that being surrounded by such funny, authentic, interesting, and intelligent people every day has allowed me to understand how beautiful it is to get to know other people better. It’s not scary anymore to express my opinions in class, or start a conversation with girls I’m not completely familiar with, because every time I do, I’m rewarded with either new perspectives and ideas or beautifully absurd discussions that I can’t imagine having anywhere else. Which brings me to my next point:

STA has taught me how to think. Not just how to memorize overwhelming calculus proofs, or scientific formulas (although these are, unfortunately, part of the bargain when you decide to receive a world-class education). It’s more than the linear, logical abilities I’ve gained here. It’s deeper than that. It’s more of a newfound understanding of how to interact with the world and the people in it. I’ve learned how to be open to others’ viewpoints and backgrounds without sacrificing my own unique opinions. I understand how to pursue truth and authenticity in my interactions with others, and the critical importance of surpassing my presumptions about people. This is a large part of the last piece of my STA education that I’ll touch on:

STA has taught me how to care. Not about my appearance at 8:00 am every day– which, in retrospect, should probably have received more attention– but about the things that truly matter and feel meaningful to me. The empowerment of my teachers and the incredible administration and staff is overwhelming. When an STA student decides to solve a problem they see in the world, they’re never alone. Changing campus operations to be more sustainable, starting a club to help the less-fortunate and creating hands-on projects to practice tackling global issues are not just possible, but commonplace at STA. It’s special to be a part of such a supportive community, and it’s prepared me to continue pursuing my passions in the future phases of my life.

What I think is interesting about my time here is that it’s difficult for me, and many of my classmates, to pinpoint specific “favorite” memories from the past four years. Of course they exist, but it’s impossible for them to capture the silent growth that’s happened to everyone with a diploma from St. Teresa’s Academy. It’s indescribable but amazing. To all of you future graduates, try to embrace these lessons, and you might just love the person you’re becoming.

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Anna Massman
Anna Massman, Features Editor
Hello! My name is Anna Massman, and this is my third and final year on the Dart staff! I’m a senior this year and I will also be the features editor on staff. Here at STA, I’m on the golf team and am involved in student government, KC Club, Stars for Literacy and Spirit Club. In my free time, I love cooking, going to new places with my friends, snuggling with my dog and going on hot girl walks with my dad. This year, I’m super excited to see what we create and to share it with you all!

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