My “New Girl” Obsession

After a recommendation from a friend, “New Girl” quickly became my new obsession, and one of my favorite shows.

by Olivia Cooper

 It’s a cold wintery night and I am relaxing on the living room couch scrolling through an endless cycle of shows and movies on Netflix. Finally giving up, I turn on my usual standby, “New Girl.” My love for the show began after a friend told me about this show that I just had to watch. Little did I know that I would be hooked by the second episode. I loved everyone in the main cast and I found myself rooting for each of the central couples, which doesn’t normally happen for me when watching T.V.

     While I absolutely love multiple episodes throughout the show, two in particular will always be on my re-watch list: the season 2 finale titled, “Elaine’s Big Day,” and season 3’s episode “Prince.” Both episodes have memorable guest stars and scenes that make these episodes some of the best. The “Prince” episode is one of the shows most well-known. Prince, himself,  guest-starred in this episode, which resulted in some of the show’s best moments: Nick reenacting the superfan in all of us, Jess performing with Prince, and finally the end scene that shows the group of friends passed out on the couch in shock from the night’s events.

     When it comes to the show’s central couples, Nick and Jess and Cece and Schmidt, it was impossible not to root for them. While Nick and Jess’ romance was more of a friends to lovers dynamic, Schmidt and Cece started out as flirtatious, but Cece isn’t initially interested in him. However, as the seasons progress they become friends and eventually get married. If asked which couple I liked the most, I genuinely could not answer; I like both for very different reasons. I believe that is part of the reason for the show’s success, every character has growth and the relationships that develop feel more realistic than the typical will-they won’t-they that most shows use. 

     “New Girl ” will always be a show I go back to, not just because of couples, but because of the humor and friendships present. The show’s characters are funny and relatable. They all fit into the main group dynamic and all the guest stars add to the humor. The actors chosen for the parents, and characters’ love interests were all funny in their own unique ways. I particularly loved Jess’ parents. Jamie Lee Curtis plays her mom and she appeared in multiple episodes, including a Thanksgiving episode where Jess attempts to “Parent Trap” her parents, who are divorced. This soon became my favorite Thanksgiving episode in the show. 

     Overall, my love for this show and its characters has only grown over the years. I highly recommend this for anyone looking for a funny sitcom that feels different then the typical shows on TV. I am confident that my appreciation will only grow with time.