Brunch Bonanza

I went to a bunch of KC brunch spots so you don’t have to.

by Caroline Hinkebein, Features Editor


My first stop was Dagwood’s Cafe, a popular breakfast and lunch spot on Southwest Boulevard whose website advertises itself as a “Kansas City Kansas landmark diner since 1938”. Upon entering the diner, it’s clear that this statement rings true. With sections of black and white checkered floors and walls, a colorful Marilyn Monroe art piece on the wall, and more than a few old-timey posters and Kansas City-themed art pieces, this diner is straight out of the movies. Staff that make you feel at home give this restaurant the perfect hometown vibe. An employee was wearing a Mike Moustakas Royals jersey and our waiter was happy to answer all of my grandparents’ questions for 10+ minutes about the history of the restaurant. Despite being a seemingly busy eatery on a Saturday morning at 9 a.m. they sat us almost immediately. 

Per the waiter’s suggestion, I ordered Dagwood Cafe’s most popular dish: The Dagwood: a breakfast sandwich with crispy bacon, a sunny side up egg, cheddar cheese and finally hash browns– the key factor that makes this their most popular dish — all on perfectly toasted texas toast. I dipped the sandwich in a side of their famous turkey gravy which further heightened my experience. My bottomless coffee was never less than half full, with highly attentive waiters constantly asking if I wanted more. The serving sizes are perfect and for the quality you get, the price point is superb – nothing on the menu is over $15. I would absolutely recommend any breakfast connoisseur looking for a new spot to head to Dagwood’s Cafe immediately.

5 stars


Next, I went to Succotash. Established in 2001, this was a popular suggestion I got when I asked for brunch recommendations so I was excited to try it out. The very first thing I noticed were the fun, colorful decorations and unique artwork that defined the aesthetic of Succotash. The ceiling was fancy and had multiple chandeliers hanging from it, as well as a decent amount of greenery, various bird-themed decorations and a graffiti wall behind the cash register. There didn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason behind the interior design but somehow it all worked out beautifully to create an inviting environment. Succotash is an order-at-the-register and seat-yourself type of restaurant, and after a 20-minute wait in line we luckily found a pretty little table right next to the window despite a clearly busy morning. Other patrons weren’t so lucky though and I recall people leaving once they realized there would be a semi-lengthy wait. 

One thing that stood out to me was the variety of options for gluten-free and vegan customers – there was definitely something for everyone. My lavender vanilla latte had an intricate purple design on the top and tasted even better than it looked. Our food came in 10-15 minutes and although the wait staff was professional, they were clearly very occupied and not as homely as the staff at Dagwoods. I ordered the french toast and it honestly left a little to be desired; it was very plain and I’ve had significantly better at other restaurants. However, the eggs with cheese and the smoky, chewy bacon made the meal worthwhile. Maybe I didn’t order the right dish, but either way I was a little disappointed with Succotash considering the glowing reviews I had heard from those who suggested it to me.

3 stars


Immediately when entering Homegrown in Brookside, you can feel the name. A large quote spans the wall encouraging patrons to “cultivate kindness,” honeycomb light fixtures hang from the ceiling and there are cute little plants at every table creating an earthy and fresh feeling. I went on a Sunday, their busiest day, but as long as you join the waitlist on Yelp with ample time beforehand, getting seated is a non-issue. The atmosphere was fairly noisy but not enough to prevent conversation. Also, almost every table was a booth which I loved. Throughout the brunch the wait staff was very kind and attentive, and chill background music added to the cozy vibe. I appreciated the creative menu, with items like “friends with benedicts,” “it takes the cake,” “gimme the meats!” and “the ironman.” 

I started with a vanilla latte and a homegrown favorite, the coffee cake. It was delectable. A smooth buttery cake with cinnamon crunchiness on top, you drizzle it with caramel sauce yourself and it is perfect. Hands down the best coffee cake I’ve ever had. For my main dish I chose the biscuits and gravy which came with a side of two eggs your way (I got over easy) and breakfast potatoes. The eggs were cooked to perfection and the breakfast potatoes were some of the best I’ve ever had. They were seasoned just right, shaped into perfect little cubes; dipping them in ketchup was the cherry on top. The gravy was really good but the biscuits weren’t my favorite. They weren’t bad necessarily, just a personal preference on the taste. Overall, I would recommend Homegrown to anyone who hasn’t yet tried it. But despite the incredible breakfast potatoes and inviting atmosphere, due to my coffee being served after I had already eaten the coffee cake and the biscuits not being my favorite, I cannot give this brunch spot full marks.

4 stars


“OurHouseKC is that friend’s house you never want to leave” is this 39th street restaurant’s message that appears on their website. Our House is a KC-centered foodie haven with a classic feel: brick walls and wooden furniture. But they have a unique attribute that makes this restaurant a must-try: their dome. In the colder months they insulate their rooftop in a clear plastic dome with heaters and themed decorations for each season. This season’s specialty: the love nest. Beautifully decorated with all things pink, red, hearts, birds, flamingos and Valentine’s Day, this is the perfect place to take your bae or the gals this love season. After ordering at the register I headed up to the love nest and sat on a couch in the corner; the atmosphere was lovely. Our House often has live music but this morning there was a speaker providing the tunes. The wait staff was extremely kind and attentive and my food came at lightning speed. 

For coffee, I ordered the cinnamon roll latte and it was incredibly good with a cute latte design on top which is of course always appreciated. For food, I got the eggs, toast and bacon with a cinnamon roll on the side. The simply seasoned potatoes with ketchup along with toast and two over-easy eggs were a good simple breakfast anyone can enjoy. The serving sizes were perfect and I can’t wait to come back and try more of what Our House has to offer.

4 stars