Christmas Experiences

Everywhere you look in the winter, it’s a wonderland with so many things to do!

by Sarah Schwaller, Staff Writer

Candy Cane Lane

We will begin with a Kansas City classic, Candy Cane Lane. This light display has been around for 52 years, and it attracts many Kansas City residents. I, personally, love Candy Cane Lane, and I have gone to it for as long as I have lived here. It was a special treat when I was young, and I remember my siblings and I begging my parents to take us over to see it during the holidays. Every house on the street, even through change of ownership, participates in the festivities, each house displaying vibrant and timeless decorations. Since it brings me great memories and never fails to impress, I am giving Candy Cane Lane 5/5 stars.

Light Show at Alta Sciences

For the next light show, I went to the Alta Sciences Light Show in Overland Park. This light show has recently gained popularity, and when I was there, every parking space was filled with excited viewers in their cars. For the best viewing, I would recommend heading over to the Emmanuel Baptist Church across the street, as their elevated parking lot provides a wonderful show. I also love this light show for its grand scale and variety of decorations. It is an elaborate production with many elements, though I feel it is less so than previous years. The production’s run time is about 10 minutes, so it is a quick and easy attraction to visit! All in all, I would rate this show 4/5 stars.

Deanna Rose Light Show

After this, I went to Deanna Rose, where there is a light show displayed on the facade of the barn. This one was not as popular as Candy Cane Lane, though this most likely had to do with the time at which I saw the show. The show combines classic Christmas songs and detailed lights to create a fun and energetic atmosphere. A large part of this energy was the result of the music; it was perfect to sing along to. I especially enjoyed one of the segments of the light show that was Frozen themed. The song “Let It Go,” played, accompanied by a clip of the film. With this, I would highly recommend this show and give it 5/5 stars.

Crown Center Mayor’s Christmas Tree (& the ice skating rink)

To end my holiday destination extravaganza, I visited the Crown Center Mayor’s Christmas Tree, as well as the ice skating rink. These attractions are very popular within the Kansas City community, along with visitors to the area. Its prime location in Crown Center draws many to the timeless event. I personally love this event, as it has such great energy and excitement in the air. All things considered, I rate this experience 5/5 stars.