Double Trouble

Junior twins Lola and Lucy Kramer give their insight on being twins at the same school, and their shared and different experiences.


by Ellie Buttell, Opinions Editor

Do you guys get asked often about being twins?

Yes, people ask us about what being a twin is like all the time. They usually ask if we fight a lot or have telepathy. When we are out in public people usually assume we are just creepy best friends because we are always together! No one really thinks we’re twins because we are fraternal. Lucy has red hair and I have blonde hair. When we tell people, they will usually not believe us at first and ask us a few different questions in order to catch us in a lie. “When is your birthday?” they’ll ask and once we answer with “February 3rd” at the exact same time in the same tone, they’ll understand.

Has anyone ever called you by your twin’s name?

Yes, people call us by each other’s names sometimes, it’s usually teachers or coaches, but sometimes even our mom slips up. We’re not quite sure how this happens, seeing as we look completely different, but people often use the excuse that it is because both of our names start with the letter L.

Have you ever tried to pull a prank by switching places?

No, we’ve never switched places because we are fraternal. When we were little, we used to wear matching clothes and try to switch places, but we were brutally humbled.

Can you read each other’s minds?

Yes, we can read each other’s minds. We often play a game we call twin telepathy, where people ask us questions like, “name an animal,” and we have to respond with the same thing. We are so good at this game and usually leave people speechless. We can also be in a room together far away and just give each other a look and know what the other is thinking. We will be at home and randomly start singing the same song at the same part all at the same time. We are pretty in sync.

Do you like going to STA with a twin?

Yes, we like going to school together. A lot of twins do not like to be in school together because they don’t get along, but, while we do fight a lot, we have always gotten along pretty well for the most part. I’d say we argue around one to three times a day, but we always get over it in around 20 minutes. We have always had the same friends, same grades, and most of the same interests. Our differences lie mostly in our personalities.

What’s your favorite thing about being a twin?


My favorite thing about being a twin is having someone my age who goes through all the same experiences with me.


My favorite thing about being a twin is always having a wingman. Simple things such as running errands, going to school, and going on vacation are so much better when I have my twin there.