Humans of STA

STA students share their biggest fears.

by Isa Glover, Staff Writer

Gracie Cervantes

I am afraid to delete my music playlist because it took me so long to make, and it is almost 30 hours long. My fear began when I saw a TikTok of someone crying because they lost their music playlist. I almost started crying for them because it’s so sad for something that took so long to be gone.

Jacqueline Kallas

My biggest fear is air rangers (the inflatable people usually at car dealerships.) My fear started when I was 10 years old and at my grandma’s town carnival. There was one balloon person very close to the Ferris wheel, so when it stopped, the balloon person was inside my cart. They are so much bigger than you think, and having one very close to you is very disconcerting. Now I try to stay clear of them.

Mila Ellis

My biggest fear is thick bubbling liquid. I guess it’s a sensory issue. If I see thick bubbling liquid, I get shaken up, my body starts feeling really weird and I start itching. My fear started in Kindergarten when I was watching a video and saw foam soap start moving. I had a meltdown and started running all over the place while itching and scratching my neck. 

Ava Reyes

My biggest fear is bobbleheads. My fear started in 5th grade when my teacher had a bobblehead of Katy Perry. I hate Katy Perry. I would stare at that bobblehead because I hated her. One day, the bobblehead disappeared from the window and I thought it came to life. I had nightmares and it took me a while to recover.