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    Treasured Hub of Family and Flavor

    Dos De Oros emerges as a cherished nexus of familial connection and cultural richness, embodying the values of hospitality, hard work, and community within the vibrant tapestry of Kansas City

    In the vibrant heart of Kansas City resides Dos De Oros, an adored family-owned restaurant. From the door opening the very week of my birth, this restaurant has grown alongside my family and me. We have built our small community behind those doors by building meaningful connections with the customers who step inside. 

    The walls of Dos De Oros have witnessed not just the sizzling sounds of fajitas but the laughter, conversations, and shared moments within this community. The impact of these experiences goes beyond the restaurant and the food served daily. For me, Dos De Oros is not just a place of work; instead, the restaurant contains memories that have shaped my upbringing. 

    The warmth within these walls has left an indelible impression on my life, teaching me the value of hospitality, hard work and the beauty of meeting new people. In addition, my family’s commitment extends beyond serving Mexican-inspired dishes. 

    Dos De Oros has become a place where individuals, families and friends find a sense of belonging. The shared moments and conversations that unfold at our tables have become a part of our extended family. As my family and I continue our journey, Dos De Oros has become a melting pot of diverse stories, creating a shared space where the warmth of hospitality meets the richness of our community.


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    Jasmine Cervantes
    Jasmine Cervantes, Photo Editor
    Hello Dart readers! My name is Jasmine Cervantes, I am a senior at STA and this is my second year on staff. I am so excited to be a photo editor this year. When I’m not busy with school or the Dart, you can see me working at my parents restaurant, Dos De Oros, or listening to music. My favorite artists include Tyler, The Creator, Faye Webster, Silk Sonic and Bad Bunny. I love hanging out with my sister Daisy. We like going to the movie theater or playing with our dogs: Jojo, Chanel and Toby. I am excited for this final year and growing my skills as a photo editor for The Dart.

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