All Female Fitness

Two STA seniors attend Blush Fitness, an all female gym. All-women gyms offer a new alternative to a co-ed gym, which students believe is beneficial to their workout experience.

by Ellie Buttell, Opinions Editor

In today’s world, going to the gym can be collectively viewed as a daunting experience, especially for women new to the gym culture. Blush, a newly founded all-female gym, gives women a whole new perception of working out. Two STA students, Seniors Jaqueline Kallas and Ava Meiners, have attended co-ed gyms in the past and strongly prefer Blush Fitness over their previous fitness centers..


“I would never go back to a co-ed gym; I just hate the feeling of being judged even if no one is watching you,” Kallas said.


Blush is a 24-hour gym that does not allow men to work out there and in return has designated male-staffed hours. According to Kallas, the gym makes it very obvious to the members of the gym when men will be working there.


“They have large signs that advertise when those hours are, because some people get really self conscious.” Kallas said


Meiners also attends Blush Fitness and she sees a lot of benefits that come with going to an all-female gym. 


“There’s a big diversity aspect in the women who go to the gym,” Meiners said. “There are several women who wear hijabs and full body garments,” 


Meiners believes that having hours when men are not staffed and a full female environment allows inclusivity for all kinds of women.


Many women take off their hijabs at the gym, whereas at a co-ed gym, they wouldn’t have that opportunity,” Meiners said.


The apparent welcoming and inclusive environment is clearly expressed through the aesthetic of Blush. All sorts of machines and amenities are included; in addition, Blush has light-up encouraging signs, a flower wall, and pink walls. 



Along with the physical environment being welcoming, Meiners believes the mental environment of the gym is uplifting, as the women often support each other during workouts.


There’s been times when I’ve heard several people cheering on a girl who just reached her PR with deadlifts and they won’t even know that it’s her PR,” Meiners said.


Kallas agrees and believes that the welcoming environment helped to improve her overall gym experience.


I was completely new to gym culture and didn’t know how to use some machines,” Kallas said. “One time this young woman came over to me, without me asking, and showed me how to use it.”


Overall Meiners and Kallas have found that the all-female environment has helped improve their gym experience as a whole. They have been able to try new machines and experiment with different workouts. The gym also gives its users the opportunity to work out separately from other women. 


With my membership I get full access to the gym,” Meiner said. “It’s open 24 hours and there’s several rooms you can go in and do whatever. Sometimes, now, when I go later at night I’ll go to one of the rooms and do yoga by myself because there aren’t many people there.” 


Even after getting attention from TikTok and having great amenities, Blush Fitness is still extremely affordable. Meiners and Kallas joined together during a special deal, but they each pay a monthly fee.


You can either get a personal trainer or you can get the basic membership,” Kallas said. “What prompted us to join was the deal for $6.66 for a month for six months and then you can renew it.”


Kallas personally believes that Blush has the better deal compared to the previous co-ed gym she belonged to.


“I honestly think you pay less…I don’t see a difference besides Blush being smaller because there are less people there, ” Kallas said. “It feels the same and it’s cheaper.”


Meiners had also belonged to a co-ed gym before joining Blush. Both Kallas and Meiners have found it to be an uplifting and welcoming environment.


There are way more benefits, when the decision was between co- d and all-girls, I would choose all-girls.” Meiners said.